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Productions - EBLV Productions



From the colors, to the place, to the date & all the bells & whistles! In the concept phase we will discuss the event’s objective & all the ideas needed to generate a great experience, & to capture the perfect moments.


Once the vision has been defined, we’ll begin to plan the details. At this phase all the variables of the event are factored in, from entertainment, dining & travel, to marketing, décor & operations. All event logistics are calculated & accounted for to create a strong itinerary with an accurate budget & reliable time lines.


Developing a reliable & accurate budget is imperative to ensuring a successful event. Last minute expenses, or having to spend more than you planned for are challenges you never want to encounter. This is why a detailed budget is devised from the beginning of each project & is adhered-to to the very end.


The vision is defined, the plan has been set & the budget is approved… Time to paint the dream.  In the design phase the creative vision meets the canvas. Here, we will digitally manifest the event to see it in floor plans, renderings & sketches allowing our partners to audit & approve the final vision.


From printing of marketing materials, construction of booth props & travel arrangements, to the decor, staff interviews & coordination of 3rd party vendors, the production phase is when all the pieces of the event puzzle start coming to life.


All the puzzle pieces have been beautifully created, now it’s time to build. During the setup phase, we go through our checklist to inspect & account for all booth materials. Then, we ensure they’re properly packaged, loaded, delivered, dropped off & built at the event location. The setup is only completed after bringing the rendering we created for the client to life.


The day has arrived & it’s time for action. A final inspection is done to ensure props are functional & that staff & all time sensitive items are on schedule. From making sure the speakers are working, to coordinating with entertainment, & making sure the food is ready, the management phase is where all the event components come together to form the Masterpiece.


When the show is over & the big lady has finally sung, it’s time to put away all the toys & clean up the play pen. An inventory of all event items is conducted, then cleaning, packaging, loading, & storing of all items are performed. Once everything is complete a report with images entailing what, how, when & where things were stored is provided to our partners for archiving.

Wrap-up / Post-Mortem

This is the final stage of the event where a recap of all occurrences is performed. From assessing the presentation & functionality of all event props & activities, to the amount of people that attended, samples given & quantity of products sold. The event is finally concluded with the client receiving a report entailing expenses, pictures, metrics & a summary of all activities that took place.